Give a Sports Illustrated as a Christmas Gift

Magazines make perfect Christmas gifts for nearly anyone

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated
Every week SPORTS ILLUSTRATED gets you closer to the heart of sports with spectacular action photography and in-depth coverage. Experience the insider track as SI takes you into the minds and hearts of the players and coaches. With SPORTS ILLUSTRATED you Get Into It!

56 Issues
$38.95 for a 1 year subscription
Just $0.70 per issue
Cover Price: $3.99 - Subscribe Now and save 82% off the cover price.

A Sports Illustrated subscription makes a great gift for any sports fan. With the great photography and in depth reporting the sports fan on your Christmas list will enjoy this gift the whole year. Kids, parents, uncles, friends... they will all love this gift this year. Give a gift subscription today.

Sports Illustrated is the premier sports related magazine in the country today. Each week the pages of Sports Illustrated magazine contain the most compelling and sought-after images in sport. Sports Illustrated remains in the forefront of the sports enthusiasts" top pick for a sports magazine. With a circulation of 28 million, this magazine covers not only the mainstream sports you would expect to see in its pages, but even the more obscure sports like falconry or the increasingly popular rock climbing.

Accept SI for what it is - a great way to stay current, go deeper than the daily sports page, and be entertained. The price offered here is 82% cheaper than the newsstand. At only $0.70 per issue it's also cheaper than a cup of coffee and lasts longer. SI is still good at covering a variety of sports that range from high school to the pros. Not just covering basic athletes like football, basketball, or baseball players, SI tries to apply a balanced dish of athletic endeavors so that they please all of the people some of the time.If you are even half a sports fan, you should be treating yourself to a weekly Sports Illustrated subscription.

Throughout the year Sports Illustrated puts together some special issues such as the NFL Preview, the College Basketball Preview, Sportsman of the Year, and of course the Swimsuit Issue. These issues alone are a great reason to subscribe to Sports Illustrated today.

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